Kelly Briais
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She graduated in 2013 from the performing arts school in Amsterdam. Since then she is singing and dancing for national and international artist and stages. She is currently working on her debut EP.

Lui Santana
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LuiSantana is een artiest uit Amsterdam. Vooral bekend om zijn signature drillproductie stijl zoals meerdere producties voor KL en zelfs 3Robi.


Trevor Palmers , Beter bekend als Trevv (iiTrevv) is een artiest uit de Banne, Amsterdam.

Strayed Saint

Strayed Saint is an artist, producer, designer and many more. Over the course of his career, he has released several songs with many more to come. With just a few songs in, Saint has made a name for himself that won’t be leaving anytime soon. He is one the most talented of his generation.

Dougie The Wolf
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Dougie The Wolf is een artiest uit Amsterdam. Member van HerrieSchoppers maar ook een master op sologebied.

Lyon Beats

In 2017 Lyon produced his first track ‘Hoofdpijn’ for launching artist Nisho, released on the label Dimaisonnoice. It reached nr 5 in the Spotify Viral 50 Netherlands. After about a year it reached 1 million views on Youtube and 1 million streams on Spotify. Recently it reached 2 million views on Youtube.